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Olga A

2017 (Narrative date)

There are an estimated 31,000 people living in condition of modern slavery in Israel (GSI 2018). Women from Eastern Europe, China and Ghana, as well as Eritrean men and women are subjected to sex trafficking in Israel. People are often lured through the promise of seemingly legitimate jobs, only to be subjected to commercial sexual exploitation upon arrival. 


Olga tells of her escape from a brothel in Israel.

I searched for someone to talk to, and I found a Russian client who aroused my trust. He would take me for a few hours and let me sleep a little. He brought me a cell phone and told me to hide it. He promised me that he’d help me escape. And I decided that I could trust him. I didn’t live in the base, I lived in Yori’s apartment. Every day Yori would bring me to the base and bring me back to his place. But I didn’t know the address, I just chanced across a scrap [of paper] with it. I gave it to that client, and he called me one day on the phone and said “tomorrow at 10 am, jump from the window and we’ll come and pick you up.” And that’s what happened: I jumped from the window, it was on the second floor, and a guy in the car came and brought me to… There was another girl in the car and there was also a chase – they tried to block the car we were driving in but they didn’t succeed. The guy that smuggled me out took me to his place. I lived with him for a while and he told me that I can do whatever I want – if you want, work, if you don’t want, don’t work, I’m not forcing you to do anything. Yori called me then, I have not idea how he got my phone number, and threatened me that if I didn’t come back to him he would murder my daughter in Kiev. I was very afraid and already planned to return to him, but then the guy who helped me escape calmed me down and told me that he’s just trying to scare me, that he won’t do anything. He told me that he himself was a former policeman and convinced me to complain to the police. I complained, and they arrested Yori. Afterwards, I gave testimony in court and he got a year in prison. Now he’s already out, free.



Narrative provided by ATZUM – Justice Works