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2013 (Narrative date)

The Global Slavery Index 2018 estimates that there are approximately 129,000 people living in conditions of modern slavery in France. France is a destination, transit and, to a lesser extent, source country for the exploitation of men, women and children in forced labour and sex trafficking. People from Romania and West and North Africa are forced to commit crimes including petty theft and are often subjected to forced begging. They are often lured to the country by false job offers as they seek a better life for their families. 

Mihaela and her husband were struggling to care for her family doing occasional work when one of her husband’s acquaintances offered them a job in France. However, upon arrival, Mihaela and her family were forced to beg on the streets of France and forced to live in 
impoverished conditions. 

From occasional work we used to buy some food. 

I knew him because he was one of my husband’s acquaintances.

He explained that he would find jobs for them in France, but has failed to exactly tell them the nature of such jobs. He assured them that they would have a paid bus ticket. We would receive a certain monthly amount, accommodation, transport, kindergarten for our children. 

Prior to my departure, I talked with my mother and brother, and none of them could tell me whether I should leave or not, and eventually I left. 

With no electric power, running water, toilet, doors or windows, being forced to hang blankets or whatever we could find, on the windows or door frames. 

We used to eat from dump barrows; the children were receiving sandwiches or clothes from pedestrians. 


Narrative F32 provided by National Agency Against Trafficking in Persons