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2006 (Narrative date)

It is estimated that there are 8000 people living in modern slavery in Ireland (GSI 2018). Men, women and children are subjected to sex trafficking, forced labour and forced criminal activity. Irish citizens are trafficked within the country, with overseas victims being trafficked from Nigeria, Romania, Indonesia, Brazil and Pakistan.  

Hannah was forced in to commercial sexual exploitation by her boyfriend in Ireland.

I had left care at 16. By the time I was 18, I had been abused and beaten by men in relationships. When I met G he knew this. He showered me with attention and presents. After 3 months living together I found out he ran a brothel. He made me the receptionist but after a visit by the Gardai he closed down the brothel. He then said he had no money, that he had spent it all on me. He kept saying, “how were we going to live, to eat, to buy clothes ? ” He threatened me and forced me onto the streets. I hated it... the first night I shook all over. I brought home £200 to £300 a night but I never saw any of it. Even when I was sick or terrified or had been raped he made me go back. I must have earned thousands over three years and I never saw a penny… sometimes I did not even have enough to eat. 

Narrative provided by the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women and the European Women’s Lobby in the report ‘The Links between Prostitution and Sex Trafficking: A Brief Handbook’ by Monica O’Connor and Grainne Healy