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Abuk Akot Wol

2020 (Narrative date)

There are an estimated 465,000 people living in modern slavery in Sudan (GSI 2018). Between 1983 and 2005, the central government of Sudan enslaved tens of thousands of black South Sudanese Christian and traditionalist people. It was part of a genocidal war against South Sudan, with a simple aim: to force South Sudan to become Arab and Muslim.

Abuk Akot Wol was kidnapped one morning and taken to northern Sudan. She tells of her experience.

I was kidnapped in Mabior Anguei of Aweil north county, it was early in the morning about 8 AM. We saw people coming on horse back and camels, when we stood up  for recognition and trying to run away, they soon arrived and ordered us to sit down in cluster and they tied our hands into single rope then they started burning our houses and neighbors’ homes too. They shot down five people who tried to resist, we were taken, 15 people in number; men, boys, girls and women. On the way, some of the people who became tired were tied behind the horses to full them along, some died of pulling and the rest accepted to walk.


Narrative provided by Christian Solidarity International