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2015 (Narrative date)

There are an estimated 9000 people living in modern slavery in Lesotho (GSI 2018). Traffickers exploit domestic and foreign victims in the country, as well as trafficking people from Lesotho abroad. Basotho children are trafficked into domestic servitude and animal herding, especially orphans who migrate to urban areas, in sex trafficking. Basotho women and girls wanting to migrate to South Africa are also often detained by traffickers in prison-like conditions and forced into sexual exploitation.

Dee came into the care of Beautiful Dream Society after she was falsely promised a job. Instead she was kidnapped, held against her will and raped repeatedly before being left for dead. With the help of a woman who gave her money, Dee was able to go to the police and have her abuser arrested.

I remember it was November when I left my village to go seek employment in town. I met a certain man who said his wife needed a person to stay at home with her while he is in the neighboring country. I agreed to work for him; however this person is an abuser. We walked on foot, to a place I did not know, for at least two hours. While we were on the way, things were fine. Then suddenly he was a different person all together. He abused his power over me.

The truth is that this person did abuse me sexually, but God is great because the man did not kill me. A Good Samaritan helped me because this man just left me in the wilderness. A woman gave me money to go to the police station where I received help.

I want to thank Beautiful Dream Society because truly my life is no longer in danger since I arrived at the shelter. They taught me how to live without necessarily working for people. I also received encouragements and life skills to make it in life. Thank you to the God of Heaven, BDS, and the police who made all the necessary inquiries for this man to be arrested.

To my brethren, this is a warning. Never allow anyone to take you to work unless you know that person thoroughly. You must know their name, and they should show even their ID and everything that can be offered in identification so that if it happens that you are in danger, your siblings or your family might know where to locate the person.

I would also love to thank that Good Samaritan who gave me money to go to the police station because I believe right now I would be counted among the dead.


Narrative provided by Beautiful Dream Society