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The Antislavery Usable Past (ePub)


ePub version

The Antislavery Usable Past: History’s Lessons for How We End Slavery Today

This book is full of crucial lessons from the past – offering a toolbox that we can apply to our work today and in the future, in order that we can build on past successes and not repeat past mistakes. 

For example, there is material on: 

- How antislavery activists can recognise and prevent burnout and build resilience 

- The importance of language and visual representation in antislavery campaigning 

- Antislavery organisational culture and opinion-building

The book has contributions by: Kevin Bales, Zoe Trodd, Hannah Jeffery, Emily Brady, Katarina Schwarz, Minh Dang, Andrea Nicholson, Rebecca Nelson, John Oldfield, Mary Wills, Charlotte James, Jean Allain, Garry Kishere, Sarah Colley and Emma Stephens.