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2017 (Narrative date)

There are an estimated 509,000 people living in modern slavery in Turkey (GSI 2018). As a source, transit and destination location for immigration, human trafficking is prevalent in the country. Trafficking victims in Turkey are primarily from Central and South Asia, Eastern Europe, Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Morocco, and Syria. Women are mainly trafficked to Turkey as sex workers.

Katia was trafficked into commercial sexual exploitation from Ukraine to Turkey. She was drugged and beaten and forced to sleep with men against her will on a daily basis.

He said his name was Apo.  I was in hysterics.  A girl came in…she was a bit taller than me, she was blonde. I found out later her name was Tania.  

She told me that I belonged to them.  That they bought me to have sex with their clients.  When I resisted, she said, “You’re not the first.  We’ve had girls like you.  Girls that don’t want to do it at first…work and enjoy it now.”  “If you like to fuck Turkish men, then you fuck them.” She hit me…and left.

They brought a man…and told me…if I don’t satisfy him…they would kill me.  But when the man came into the room, I started fighting with him.  Two other men cam in…and pinned me down.  They drugged me…and beat me…and raped me.

It’s shocking…for selling people…for rape, for beating…for mental torture…and they let him go.  It’s too much.  


Narrative as told to Documentary Makers for Real Stories. All credit given.

Original narrative can be found here